What is the best book to learn kanji?

There are hundreds of books dedicated to help you learn kanji. In my experience, the most effective is the Kanji in Context series. Today, Wordgrammar.net will guide you some best books to learn Kanji.

Kanji in Context

best book to learn kanji
Kanji in context

Kanji in Context is a series of three books. The books are the joint work of the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies and the Japan Times.

It makes learning the kanji much easier because professional scholars have gone through all 1945 and put them in an order that makes sense for learning them all, not from the standpoint of a native Japanese speaker, but from the standpoint of someone who is learning Japanese as a second language as an adult.

In other words, when you use Kanji in Context, you don’t have to learn vocabulary– you learn sentences instead, and so it’s much easier to remember how a word is used because you already have one good example of correct use. Ever find yourself learning a word like “fire” and then trying to remember if it is the word for “start a fire” or “fire an employee”? Since Kanji in Context gives you the context, you don’t have that problem with these books.

Also, the workbooks are designed to gradually repeat the kanji learned in previous lessons.

Remembering the Kanji

best book to learn kanji
Remembering the Kanji

The aim of this book is to provide the student of Japanese with a simple method for correlating the writing and the meaning of Japanese characters in such a way as to make them both easy to remember. It is intended not only for the beginner but also for the more advanced student looking for some relief from the constant frustration of how to write the kanji and some way to systematize what he or she already knows.

Assigning each of these parts a distinct meaning with its own distinct image, the student is led to harness the powers of “imaginative memory” to learn the various combinations that result.

In addition, each kanji is given its own keyword to represent the meaning, or one of the principal meanings, of that character. These keywords provide the setting for a particular kanji’s “story,” whose protagonists are the primitive elements.
In this way, students are able to complete in a few short months a task that would otherwise take years.

What about books for beginners?

You probably noticed that I love Kanji in Context but don’t have a good book for beginners. That’s because I think most beginning Japanese textbooks (Minna no Nihongo, etc.) do a perfectly decent job introducing the kanji.

You don’t need to learn all the kanji when you’re just starting out in Japanese. When you’re ready, you can use a systematic book like Kanji in Context, but until then, just following your teacher and your textbook should be plenty of material.

Now Do you know what is the best book to learn Kanji? Hope you can learn Kanji well. If you have any question please comment below, I’ll give you an answer.

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