Top 7 easy ways to learn Japanese

How many times have you decided to study Japanese and then give up halfway because you study forever but can’t remember or use it? Have you ever asked the question of what is the easy ways to learn Japanese?

Understanding these problems, the following article will provide Top 7 easy ways to learn Japanese. So start the article now!

Top 7 easy ways to learn Japanese

  • Always learn and review phrase words, not individual words
  • Do not learn too much grammar
  • Listen first
  • Learn slowly and carefully
  • Use short stories
  • Use real lessons and materials
  • Listen and repeat

1. Always learn and review phrase words, not individual words

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Learn Japanese phrase word

The principle of learning Japanese vocabulary effectively is never learning a single word. When you meet a new word, always remember to write down the phrase words. And when reviewing, it will also keep the phrase words, not a word.

Reviewing phrase words helps you remember words in a systematic way. This is an easy way to learn Japanese to increase the number of words you can memorize. The collection of such words will also make the grammar and speaking skills increase 6-8 times faster.

2. Do not learn too much grammar

Don’t take care of grammar, instead learn them through vivid examples. Your speaking will improve quickly, you will speak Japanese more naturally. This is one of the ways to learn Japanese effectively, but you don’t know much. People have spent a lot of time learning grammar structures and cannot speak Japanese fluently.

3. Listen first

Best way to learn japanese
Listen first to learn Japanese

Start practicing listening every day.

The fastest way to learn Japanese is by ear, not by eye. If you learn with your eyes, make sure the images are visual so you can easily remember vocabulary and grammar. Once you get used to it, you can combine both ear and eye learning methods to achieve the best results.

4. Learn slowly and carefully

Don’t try to learn vocabulary for a short time. The most important is the quality of the lesson and the study time. It is important to learn words and phrases carefully. It not only at the definition level, remembering to take the exam but also need to write down deeply in memory. Moreover, you have to repeat each lesson several times if you want to speak Japanese naturally.

5. Use short stories

easeway to learn japanese
Use short stories to learn Japanese

This is an effective way to learn and use Japanese. Use short stories, and learn grammar by listening to real Japanese. The best way is to listen to the same story but in different times: the past, the completion, the present, the future. That gives you more flexibility when exposed to Japanese.

6. Use real lessons and materials

easeway to learn japanese
Use real lesson and Materials

If you want to speak well and understand Japanese speakers, use practical journals, topics with audio, TV shows, movies, radio talks, and audio books. Besides, you should get software or website with real materials to help you save time studying.

7. Listen and repeat

Every time you hear a Japanese sentence or word, pause and repeat it. Practice talking again quickly without thinking. This method has brought an unexpected result. Please record it and ask someone to check it out.

With Top 7 easy ways to learn Japanese, we hope to help you get a new method of learning, completely different from traditional methods but highly effective.

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