JLPT N1 Grammar: に先駆けて (ni saki gakete) – Explanation and examples

Today, we introduce to you the JLPT N1 Grammar: に先駆けて (ni saki gakete). You can find the detail explanation (meaning, formation) and examples of this Japanese grammar in this post.

JLPT N1 Grammar: に先駆けて (ni saki gakete)

  • Detail explanation
  • Example sentences

Detail explanation

Meaning: To be the first


Noun + に先駆けて

Example sentences

_sekai kakkoku no shoukibo meekaa ga, tasha ni saki gakete soratobu kuruma o hatsubai shiyou to shinogi o kezutte iru._
A number of small companies around the world are vying to be the first to bring flying cars to customers.

_sono eiga wa, sekai ni saki gakete, igirisu de no jouei ga kimatta._
It’s been decided that the world premiere for this movie will be in england.

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