Here it is! 11 great free JLPT N5-N1 Japanese learning apps

This article would like to send you a detailed review of online best JLPT Japanese learning apps that are widely used around the world. Discover 11 best JLPT Japanese learning apps free for every level from JLPT N5 to JLPT N1.

Increasing technology makes it easier for us to find Japanese learning materials but between the numerous Japanese learning apps, which is the most effective JLPT Japanese learning app?

Now, let’s find out 11 best free online JLPT Japanese learning apps for every level from JLPT N5 to JLPT N1!


JLPT Japanese Learning App: Mytest – specialized for JLPT exam preparation

Mytest Japanese JLPT exam preparation app is said to be the most effective support tool for JLPT exam preparation students at all levels. Here is one of a few JLPT Japanese language learning apps that practice all 4 skills:


  • Synthesis of 50 full JLPT Japanese tests as real test questions from JLPT N5 to N1
  • Take the test according to each skill: listening, speaking, reading and writing to assess each of your skills, showing weak points to overcome when learning Japanese
  • More than 20 000 free additional exercises to practice. If you are new to the Japanese language, this function is very useful
  • Questions appear with answers and detailed explanations
  • Daily JLPT Japanese learning reminder
  • Get results right after taking the test, online JLPT certificate as real exam


After the latest upgrade of Mytest, you can do homework and see unlimited explanations on Kanji Reading and Grammar Selection. Some other parts you can still do free homework but need to pay to see the answer. However, the price is affordable compared to what Mytest offers.

Downoad JLPT Japanese learning App free – Mytest


  • The most effective JLPT Japanese listening app


Listening is always the skill that learners are most afraid of. Japanese people often speak the tip of the tongue near their teeth, and emit most of the sounds from the palate and pop out. In addition to having to pronounce correctly – a very difficult thing even for people who have studied Japanese for a long time, you also have to practice intonation so that Japanese standard. Japanese only has 2 intonation high – low but still make learners hard to speak like a native.

Remember: Having the correct pronunciation can be heard properly! In contrast, practice listening to Japanese a lot to detect errors of pronunciation and learn to speak in the intonation of Japanese people.

To achieve the JLPT N5 – the easiest level in the Japanese language proficiency test, the listening comprehension section must be over 19 points out of a total of 60 points. If below 19 points, you will get paralysis and means you can not get JLPT N5. So, anyone who intends to take the JLPT certificate, remember to practice listening to JLPT regularly.

The effective JLPT Japanese listening app for you:


1.1 Prepare for the JLPT with the Hellotalk Application

HelloTalk Language Exchange: This app is not only a Japanese listening app but also a language learning exchange app. The application allows you to select the area you want, level for each language, chat, phone call, video call. Practice listening to the Japanese standards is the best way to study with native speakers. So you can use Hellotalk as a free online JLPT Japanese exam preparation app.

Disadvantages are: Sometimes there is an inconvenience because You can’t make time with the people you study with. Many users use the wrong information. For example, American man, but write information is Japanese, so you want to make friends talk to native speakers but meet the wrong person.

1.2  Prepare for the JLPT Japanese test with JLPT N2 Listening

This JLPT Japanese listening app lets you listen to many JLPT N2 Listening exams with audios and text contents.

This app is suitable for N3 students who want to take the N2 exam or N2 students who want to maintain their Japanese level.

1.3 App for listening to JLPT Japanese free – Voiky

Voiky, formerly known as Japanese Voice, is a very effective JLPT Japanese listening app, specializing in listening and speaking practice, helping you quickly communicate with foreigners. Voiky contains more than 3000 videos with full subtitles and translations, the standard voice of native speakers. Videos range from animation, music, discovering life to training videos for listening to JLPT N5 – N1.

In addition, Voiky also helps you practice listening to Chinese and English.

Download the effective JLPT Japanese listening app here

  1. Best JLPT Japanese grammar learning application

Those who have already studied Japanese will probably appreciate the idea that Japanese is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. 

In Japanese grammar structure, the subject is at the beginning of the sentence, and the verb with the subject is at the end: The subject + the object + the verb. That is not to mention a lot of aids associated with different usage depending on the case. Those of you who are at JLPT N5 may still not feel it all, but at JLPT level N2, N1, the number of grammar needs to be learned is terrible. 

Do not find yourself saying that discourage you! Each language has its own difficulty level, and it is important how big your love for Japanese is. Please improve your Japanese grammar, towards JLPT N2 by learning through the apps known as the best JLPT Japanese grammar learning apps today:


2.1 App for preparing JLPT Japanese exam Poro

Over 700+ JLPT grammar points, covering all JLPT N5 grammar, JLPT N4 grammar, JLPT N3 grammar, JLPT N2 grammar, JLPT N1 grammar. Practice with more than 1300 questions and 20 tests simulating the JLPT Japanese test.

However, the example of this JLPT Japanese language learning app is said to be a bit confusing.


2.2 Japanese Grammar JLPT N4 Offline app

This app will help to improve your JLPT Japanese grammar level N4. 100% Offline and Free. For the beginner and intermediate level students of the Japanese language.

No JLPT Japanese exercises to practice after grammar study.


2.3 Improve your JLPT Japanese skills with the Heyjapan

Not only teaching JLPT Japanese grammar, Heyjapan is also an app that teaches you JLPT Japanese vocabulary, widely appreciated. Heyjapan has a cute, friendly interface, so it gets the users to love right from the moment it loads. Heyjapan focuses on improving the JLPT vocabulary and JLPT grammar for learners on an intelligent and scientifically constructed program: from beginner to advanced. Combining theory and practice immediately, playing games to receive badges will increase your motivation to learn JLPT Japanese.

Download the free JLPT Japanese grammar app now: Download

  1. Interesting JLPT Japanese Vocabulary apps

Learning any language needs to improve vocabulary regularly. When learning Japanese, learn the most Japanese vocabulary in the form. You may not know it yet, but if you know the meaning of a word, you can still imagine the meaning of the sentence.

Japanese has three alphabets and Kanji is arguably the hardest. Ironically for beginners, most Japanese signage is written in Kanji. Therefore, new Japanese learners who come to live in Japan will face many difficulties to integrate into the community.

Learning is an ongoing process. The advice for you is to learn new words right from the beginning, improve and apply them regularly in practice to memorize vocabulary longer. Absolutely avoid cumulative learning for a while but then do not review and apply to quickly forget the vocabulary.

Try learning Japanese by topic, learn N5 vocabulary first, and use the JLPT Japanese vocabulary learning app to further support.


3.1 Learn vocabulary, practice JLPT Japanese exam through Mazii dictionary application

The holy dictionary for new Japanese learners. Learning JLPT Japanese vocabulary through a dictionary is a smart learning method because the dictionary will give you the meaning of the word, for example, explanation, above all there are new words, so don’t worry about overlapping with previously known words, and also the words you are having in the reading, so it’s easy to know how to use them.

Mazii dictionary has a huge database of over 250,000 words, JLPT N5 to N1 vocabulary, over 11,000 kanji, easily look up grammar, sentence patterns. You can look up by typing, drawing, voice, image. Mazii comes with countless extras like watching videos, reading newspapers, flashcards, etc extremely useful for users. So it is not strange that Mazii is the most used Japanese dictionary application in Vietnam.

JLPT Japanese Vocabulary app:




3.2 JLPT Japanese vocabulary learning app – Quizlet

Quizlet is a good JLPT Japanese language learning software. You can create your own JLPT Japanese vocabulary set through your flashcard feature. When you add new JLPT Japanese words, the application will automatically display the meaning and may have examples.


3.3 JLPT Japanese vocabulary learning app Kotoba – chan

Kotoba – chan’s JLPT Japanese vocabulary learning app has more than 20,000 common words taken from the Mainichi Shimbun daily newspaper – one of the mainstream newspapers in Japan. Kotoba – Chan JLPT Japanese vocabulary learning app with easy-to-understand examples, Favorites, and History.

  1. Best reading JLPT Japanese app

Practice reading JLPT Japanese is the way to practice pronunciation and intonation as I mentioned above. Read and understand the information that the writer wants to convey. You need to apply more reasoning and deductive skills to select the answers that are not mentioned directly in the lesson. You should also carefully read the question is to choose right or wrong answers, choose one or more answers.

When learning, by encountering many new words, you will take time to look up the new word, so it is easy to get bored. Practice reading JLPT Japanese comprehension with short, simple paragraphs and few Kanji characters first. Using the quick vocabulary lookup software, JLPT Japanese exam preparation apps will have the convenient word lookup right on the app.


The highest-rated JLPT Japanese reading test app is TODAI Easy Japanese News:

Rated up to 4.8 stars on the Google play store, Easy Japanese News Japanese Reading App Easy Japanese News is loved by diverse information and regular updates from official Japanese sources: NHK NEWS WEB EASY, CNN, MBC, etc.

TODAI reading JLPT Japanese language app allows reading newspapers, listening, searching right from the article, Furigana hiding, data with more than 31076 articles, 173386 vocabularies, 6355 kanji, 169736 examples, and more than 2000 grammar will help you easily conquer JLPT Japanese.

When you use TODAI or want to upgrade your account, the Todai developer team will solve these things very quickly. Perhaps just one Todai Easy Japanese News app will be enough for JLPT Japanese reading preparation!

In addition, there are also some JLPT Japanese reading practice apps such as NHK WORLD-JAPAN, Japan current news, etc.

Download now: App for reading JLPT Japanesel

Each JLPT exam preparation app has its advantages and disadvantages. However, depending on your weaknesses and needs, you can experience and choose the most suitable JLPT Japanese exam preparation app.

Hopefully with the free online JLPT Japanese exam preparation application that we introduced above can help simplify your JLPT Japanese learning. I wish you study effectively and quickly achieve the desired JLPT!

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