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Minna no Nihongo is the easiest to learn Japanese textbook, used by many schools and centers in teaching. The Minano Nihongo curriculum includes 50 Japanese lessons from beginner to intermediate. The entire Mina no Nihongo syllabus consists of 6 books: main books, workbooks, listening books …

Main content

  • 6 volumes of Minna no Nihongo textbook
  • A Self-study guide for the Minna no Nihongo textbook

1.Top 6 volumes of Minna no Nihongo textbook

  • Main book: Honsatsu
  • Exercise book: Bunkei Renshuuchou
  • Translation book
  • 3 additional books: Shokyuude Yomeru Topikku, Choukai Tasaku, Yasaghii Sakubun

2. A Self-study guide for the Minna no Nihongo textbook

  • Main book: Honsatsu

The main book has 50 lessons from basic to advanced, each lesson consists of 5 parts:

Part 1: 文 型 (bunkei) – Sample sentences that use the grammatical structure of the lesson (translated in the “sentence form” in the translation book)

Part 2: 例文 (reibun) – Sample dialogs using a grammatical structure in the lesson (translated in “Example” in the translation book)

Part 3: 会話 (kaiwa) – The main conversation situation in the lesson (used in the “conversation” section of the translation book)

Part 4: 練習 A (renshuu A) – Practice A: Summary of grammatical structures in the lesson, 練習 B (renshuu B) – Practice B: Simple exercises that apply the grammar structure learned in the lesson, 練習 C (renshuuC) – Practice C: Conversation exercises using sentence patterns learned in the lesson

Part 5: 問題 (Mondai) – Listening and writing exercises, using grammar patterns included in the lesson.

  • Translation book

The translation book is a Japanese self-help book, explaining vocabulary and grammar for the main volume. Each lesson consists of 4 parts:

– Vocabulary: List new words related to the lesson and the topic of the lesson

– Translation: Translating the bunkei, reibun and kaiwa sections in the main book into Vietnamese

– Words and reference information: Reference information and vocabulary are not mentioned but related to the content and topic of the lesson

– Explanation of grammar: explain the structure, usage of grammar patterns included in the lesson, including accompanying examples, very detailed and easy to understand.

After completing elementary Japanese, 25 lessons in the main book, you can learn more with 4 supplementary books below:

The exercise book Bunkei Renshuuchou is a grammar exercise book, with many diverse and rich exercises.
The book Shokyuude Yomeru Topiku 25 is a reading comprehension book corresponding to the Minna curriculum, while learning grammar in the book has just trained reading in this book. Read the text and answer the question.
Choukai Tasuku 25; There is a similar role to reading books but listening comprehension. The songs are suitable for beginners, with a script at the end of the booklet when you can’t hear it.

Yasashii Sakubun: Includes 20 topics for you to practice writing, to a certain lesson you can write (clearly noted in the book). Each lesson has a theme, a sample text, people read the text, then practice questioning and finally writing it into a complete text.

Learning Japanese by yourself will be easy with the Nihongo Minnano textbook. You can download the entire Nihongo Minnano curriculum here.


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